Each project has unique requirements. As a strategic partner, our Product and Engineering staff work closely with Architects, General Contractors and Designers to finalize concepts and optimize advanced designs. We focus on truly understanding each critical design element in order to guarantee that all deliverables meet your requirements, critical to quality elements and Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) specifications.  We will identify potential cost savings, identify challenges, and make any final changes before moving to production. Once we both reach agreement on final design, we move to project prototyping.  Together, we ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed to set each project up for complete success.


Our project management philosophy focuses on the customer. This ensures that we deliver exactly what you want, where you want it, specifically when you need it.  We understand that the construction industry runs on meeting project timelines and deadlines.  Your ICG Project Manager is your direct line of communication into our company. The focus of our project managers is to instill proactive communication as well as to anticipate issues and develop an immediate reaction plan as they arise.  We offer the feel of a small company that can treat customers individually, while being able to take on the largest and toughness of jobs.


The first step of establishing the foundation a successful project begins with a full understanding of each customer and project’s requirements. Materials involved, design functionality, aesthetics, overall project timeframe, site conditions and any other elements are thoroughly vetted. Our Estimators have decades of experiences and are ready to apply that knowledge to create the most value for your project as possible.


Our Team uses the latest AutoDesk Inventor Professional series design software for advanced 3D modeling. This allows us to engineer your products faster and more accurately. As a result, your benefit is shorter production cycle times, lower cost and industry leading quality. CAD/CAM, rendering, database management and decades of experience all contribute to the overall project success.


Using the best materials and equipment available allows ICG to be one of the leading manufacturers of commercial casework, retail fixtures, and architectural woodworking in North America. From state-of-the-art CNC saws to custom job specific packaging arrangements, ICG has the ability to produce your project needs from start to finish.  There is not job too hard for ICG.  We love the challenge and know that we can produce parts to your exact specifications.


We understand how much is at stake, and that customer deadlines cannot be missed. Our experienced store installation partners work with technical precision and attention to detail. ICG customers can count on this final step in the project to be completed on time, on schedule, to your expectations!